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Vision and Team

Taking an idea to the next level is daunting. I definitely agree with Glenn Llopis on this one; you must first believe in yourself. Even if I don’t know you, I believe in you. We can all become something great, but we need activity to get there.

So you have the desire, the skill, the brains, and the big idea that will take you to the next level. Let’s look at creating the vision and then the team to help get your dreams rolling. We are nothing without the effort of others.

Some questions we deal with in this article:

  • How do you action an idea when there is so much noise to sift through?
  • What are the most important steps to take in the beginning?
  • What type of character should I look for to help build my dream?
  • How can I truly test a candidate I am interviewing?

To me, the team is everything, but nobody works for a rock, so you must bring your ideas to life first. Focus on the vision behind the business. If you believe and convey, they just might too. Once you have the vision down, start building out the team. Where you get this team from does not matter. Just ensure your potential mates believe in you and the vision for the company. We work well for people that help us get there. If you know how to bring people to their next level, you will have no problem with team building.

In many cases, your story should be their potential. If you seek to enrich the life of your team, they will pay you back by sharing your vision and giving you their all.

Is your story compelling?

Anti-compelling story:

I want to build a company that makes money by hiring lots of people. Those people will love to work for me as I know how business works. Don’t miss out on the chance to tag along for the ride, folks.

(Flawed, crummy approach)

Compelling story:

In 2008, I had a dream of creating a technology company that focuses on one thing: improving the lives of millions of people. My small vision can become something great with the help of people like you. My hope is to build a great team founded on the desire to improve lives.

(That’s the spirit)

How to create the vision:

Before we organize the timeline of the vision, let’s decide on a recipe. To do this, grab a pen and paper. It’s time to build a branch chart. Not everything in this branch chart will come to fruition, but it will allow you to create focuses for you and your team. Write down your year-long vision for the company. What revenue can you dream of achieving? What is each teammate doing within your plan? What action items can you focus on to make it happen?

All of this is possible through a simple chart like this. I did one for our company, Reson8 Agency, the video production agency. Each of these strands are firmly entrenched in my mind, and we are gradually building each of them up to become a part of our successes.



Once you have your vision, it’s time to build your contacts, meeting as many people as possible. Engage with hundreds of people through LinkedIn and even Facebook. The time has come to sell your plan and your story.

For your vision to take flight, you need to bring in believers to help bring your plan to fruition.

There are so many contracts that occur without a signature. A popular contract is that of the trust in your vision contract. Forget about someone signing the dotted line. Let’s talk about the fact that someone put their faith in you, and is willing to work for your company, because they believe in it. There isn’t a more powerful statement than that when it comes to buy-in. If someone is willing to spend any amount of their time on your project, they see something coming from it. Embrace that!

 Team Assembling

This team could take one month, or even a year to assemble. It is all about stepping in the right direction and hiring people of action. Meeting someone is easy, but doing it in a way that wastes no time, is hard. We need to find the right people, the first time. You don’t have time to waste on people that lack initiative.

Hire Someone that takes Initiative

There are two types of initiative, curious initiative and driven initiative. I find curious initiative to be a smart long term play as this individual will find unique ways to build relationships. They may take time to develop a funnel, but you will notice their smart approach will eventually pay off. They will be a great base for your sales team. They may not be excited by their name in the lights, but they still love performance. They will also be honest and committed to helping you grow. As for driven initiative, this person wants to take on this world and perhaps Mars at the same time. They have big dreams, like their name in lights, and they will find homeruns quite often. Your sales and marketing will depend on these two type of characters. But, where do we find them?

The curious initiative character can be tougher to find, but their behind-the-scenes approach can uncover a gold mine of opportunity. You can find them at the library. No, seriously. If you want to build a great team, find the curious person that is taking the initiative to go to the library to learn about marketing. Anyone can search online. The true curious mind is looking under every rock, learning from the professionals, and citing their work. Whether for marketing or sales, the best minds are at the library and you should go meet them. If you are scared to approach someone reading a marketing book at the library, then you may not be suited for team building.

To find the driven initiative character, these individuals can be found with their accomplishments, and they will certainly share them online. Just type “sales” into the LinkedIn operator field, then scroll to their current role. If they include KPIs and overachievement, then you must interview them. These ‘name in lights’ people are also on sports fields, in the arena, and on the court. Go watch a few games, find the top talent on the team and ask if they want to start a career with you. Clearly, the #1 draft pick for the NHL is a bad idea to approach, but there are many successful business people that were also the top of their team in high school, college, and even in adult recreational leagues. We all know how important sports are to a business team. Get out there and start advertising your vision to the people at the top of their game. They will get you to the level you need, as they are hoping to learn some skills so that they can one day of the ownership you have.


 Is the Candidate Ready?

If you want someone of action, you can ask them questions during the interview that focus on that. What if someone had the chance to start immediately? After all, many times, someone is available “immediately.” Why not sit them at a desk and see what they can do for you right away. Their action will show what they can achieve with very little input. If they shy away from the opportunity, would they not shy away from other growth opportunities? We are seeking people of initiative, so why not put them to the test.

For a marketing position interview, get them to analyze a chart for your right away. Every role demands quick-thinkers. Why not see just how skilled they are during the first meeting. Instead of asking, “what would you bring to this team?” You should ask, “Can you show me what you will bring to this team?”

Sales people need to be very quick on their toes. Why not give them a 5-minute crash course on product knowledge, then ask them to pitch the product to you? This could be a great way for you to discover true talent. Perhaps they could even jump on the phones so you can test their natural sales skills. Sales is both a gift and a lesson, after all. If the first part is covered on day one, then you are half way to your goal of finding a great sales person.

By getting your ideas on paper, you can then create the vision to help build a team of believers. You must seek out this team under every rock. They are waiting to be found, but it will take a considerable amount of time to unearth them, so you must start now. I believe you can make magic happen, and I want you to achieve immediately. Act now. Don’t wait.

I hope you have a great start to your journey! I am always available to talk about the path to building something great. We can go down that road together.


John Lilly

John Lilly is a sales and marketing professional, with entrenched experience in building sales teams while co-ordinating the marketing effort. You can catch up with him on his new project,, where he and a team of creatives are seeking clients that need agility and a true partnership for their video production needs. His latest passion project is “Utterly Speechless” on Facebook Live. It is a show dedicated to leadership, marketing, communication, and laughter. You can join us every Friday at 3 PM at

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