Why Do People Care About Your Website? 

Why Do People Care About Your Website?


“Answer the question!”

This should constantly be on your mind. Why do people care about your website? Do you answer the questions they are asking your website? Is their website user experience a pleasant one? The list truly goes on and on. But you must prioritize what is most important.
If your answers are positive, then you are most likely on the path to online success. If you are having a hard time distinguishing yourself from the competition, it might be time to start looking at a new business venture.
For those who don’t know me, I am a SEM & SEO expert at Logical Mix. Great! Who cares? What makes me different from all the other thousands of internet marketers?
My distinguishing factor is: I meet with businesses in person for extended periods of time to teach about SEO & SEM. I allow my clients to learn what SEO & SEM tactics they want to employ for their business and which online strategies they want me to look after. My customer service is second-to-none, I’m not a cookie-cutter marketer and I give status reports to my customers on demand. THAT is what separates me from the competition. I let everyone on my website know it too.

It’s time to BRAG about yourself now!

What separates you?
Here are some industry examples:
Limo Company- Driver’s are all trained bartenders for any event you want to drive to.
Hockey Instructor – Licensed to pick up kids at home and take them to a hockey lesson and return them home safely in 2 hours.
Salsa Distributor – Any excess inventory will be refunded 30 days after expiration (free replenishment).
Music Teacher – Creates a 4 song EP with every child who signs up for a one year program.
Plumber – Lets clients know he brings a copy of your official documents to every service call.
Mustache Masseuse – You get the idea. Why are you better?
My last blurt:
Regardless of the industry…have online reviews. Your happy customers will help distinguish you from the competition. People care about reviews. Google and other search engines are giving more attention to companies who have reviews online about their incredible or even horrible work.
Separate yourself from the pack by giving the people what they want. Make people care about your website.
Joel Davies is a SEM and SEO Expert for Logical Mix. Been working in the online industry since 2004.You can reach out and talk internet marketing 24/7 with him at joel@logicalmix.com.

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