Web & App Development

Stream Serve Inc is dedicated to accelerating your business by streamlining your processes, and giving you access to the right technology.

We provide our clients with reliable and cost effective, applications that suit their exact work requirements. We have an expertise in developing business apps, lifestyle, sports, games, news and custom apps. Our team ensures post delivery maintenance and customer service to ensure the client is comfortable with the app and for any other assistance going forward.


App Assessment

Let our design team cater to your business through our onsite integration model.  We come to your business to bring your app design to life.  We need to represent who your business is and what you do.

App Design

Our designers are some of the best Canada has to offer.  We specialize in both Android and Apple development, ensuring you have access to both smartphone markets.

App Development

Once we have set the goals, scope, and design; it is critical to start your project.  We have 3 checks in place to ensure you are receiving the app you want.

  1. Pre development sign-off
  2. Mid development sign-off
  3. Finalized sign-off

These three stages give you guarantees that the app will be designed to your expectations.  You always know where your project stands with us. At Stream Serve Inc., We strongly believe that AI bots are the new apps and

Chatbot Apps

Many studies also suggest that AI bots are future of human &
machine interaction, Organizations from Banking, Retail, Custom-
er Care etc are betting big on AI Chatbots in their IT plans in a big
way. We @ Stream Serve Inc. have been building our capability in developing AI Chatbots for quite a time now. Our team have experience in developing AI Chatbots for Slack, Facebook Messenger and other popular message platform. We are experts in using AI platforms like API.AI.