Sales and Recruitment

Toronto Call Centre Services

Toronto Call Centre Services


Inbound/Outbound Calling

Let Digital Media Boom manage your sales. We offer inbound and outbound calling programs, that come with guarantees.  You will be protected from the usual, no promises, weak results approach that most call centres have.  You have nothing to lose by using our call services.

Customer Service

Our sales system is complimented by our Customer Service abilities too.  We offer local, 24/7 CS services to all of your customers.  Through our use of Salesforce, we manage all of your CS needs, while you simply receive an email telling you what is happening.

Website Design

DMB has endeavored to start creating low cost websites, which allow you to free your capital up for more important expenditures.  Your website is critical, but it becomes less of a concern when the price tag is not $5,000 dollars.  Your website will be fully supported by us as well, with a 1 Hour response time guaranteed!

Advertising Solutions

Join us in the pursuit of the next big campaign.  Our Digital advertising solutions will give you the confidence you need in knowing that we are here to give you the mechanics of a sales team, with the awareness and lead generation of advertising.

Sales Team Recruitment

We train sales people and once they are ‘ready for the markets’ we offer their services to you.  Look at it like we offer incubated recruitment, where the sales talent is trained by our team, and then primed for their role with your team.


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