The Law of Marketing – Stream Serve Inc.’s Launch Party!

The Law of Marketing – Stream Serve Inc’s Launch Party!


Our first Digital Media event was a success!  Why?  Because we engaged with our guests, and more importantly, took a ton of information back to the drawing board to help us with the next event.  When someone walks away from a launch party for a company, and they send a note to the organizer saying there was great insight in the evening, this is all an organizer can ask for.  I would like to thank Amanda from Best Health Acupuncture for taking the time to send us a quick note on the Digital Media Boom’s Facebook Page.  We are glad you were there, and I hope we continue to help you succeed with your business.

Our goal is simple – create a bridge between sales and marketing, that is connecting business to clients (A really fancy bridge!).  We want you to enjoy the benefits of meeting potential clients while also engaging with you on a business insight level.  The Law of Marketing event was not without stumbles, but we have opened the door to hearing feedback so that we can soak it all in, and progress with the next event.  Feel free to comment below about what you loved, and what you would like us to do better.


The biggest lesson I can take from the first event, is opening the door to all types of business.  By focusing within a niche, we cut the guest potential drastically.  The next event will focus on the needs of everyone, rather than just Lawyers.  Open the door to have more light shine through!  What I truly appreciate about the event is seeing Lee Harris from Crucial Pictures being able to network with Executives from major companies to help him land projects within their organizations.  Good luck Lee!  A big thank you to Lee for presenting with us as well.  You offer the most unique advertising and marketing solution for any business.  You can watch basic videos all day long, which has minimal impact, and do not gain loyalty; or, you can use Crucial Pictures technique of conversion optimization through top notch video quality that hits the viewers heart and forces them to remember you.  Nobody will forget what Crucial Pictures created for your business.

Our next event will be held at the end of January.  It will be focused on philosophy and life, but in a comical sense.  If you think I can entertain you for a few hours, ensure you get your ticket!

Stay tuned…more information to come shortly.  Early Bird tickets are available HERE.

Thank you again for all of the support!  We look forward to seeing you at the next event.


John Lilly

Digital Media Boom 


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