You Must Solve the Objection

You Must Solve the Objection


Sales is everything, and many things depend on good sales.  You have to be creative, prompt, resourceful, and skilled.  A skilled sales person knows the signs of a sale.  The signs are excavated through conversation.  Without the signs, you are blindly traveling without a guarantee of success.  Dig for those signs.  If you do not pay attention to what is being said, you will not be able progress the conversation.  I remember an instance where a sales agent started his call perfectly; great introduction, and solid rapport building.  It was so good, that the client said “I don’t usually take these types of calls, but I like you.”  Amazing!  What a statement!  The agent then proceeded to ask the client a couple of questions about his business, but his excavating was to close to the surface.  There was not enough depth to the conversation.  The agent was asking the client if he needed more customers and the client mentioned he did not, and that he relies on word-of-mouth for his business.  He makes a great project happen, and then relies on its success to gain new clients.  This is the objection of “I am too good to advertise.”  This is the objection to the sale, but the agent did not recognize that fact.  He didn’t see this one statement as the wall to his sale.  The reality is though, that a client that doesn’t wish to hear from more people is a myopic business that will not experience growth the way they should.  No matter what, you need to make it easy for your client to purchase your services or products.  That objection should be handled by stating how important it is to be present online so that you can schedule larger projects in the future.  As a business you want to pave your path beyond a year or even two years.  You should have people interested in booking your projects at all times.  There is nothing wrong with being too busy at one moment, with the chance of booking the project at a later date.  I knew there was an opportunity with this client, as he ended up saying how he sometimes takes on several smaller projects, but tries to always have larger projects on the go.  This means that they sometimes are seeking bigger projects, but have to opt for smaller ones.  It is clear that people like to have a vibrant online profile because it works.  It simply works, that’s it.  Digital companies succeed based on their ability to deliver results.  You need to look no further than than the major directories in Canada to see why online listings are critical to being successful.  With digital marketing, you can position your story online to make the story a part of the buying decision for clients.  New prospects will find you through digital means, so you can have the chance to position your company as their solution now, or even down the road.


Did you Handle the Sales Objection?


In this call, the agent did not handle the objection, and then simply talked about the benefits of the products.  Benefits of a product are generic, and do not create value for individuals as profoundly as benefits that match their needs.  Agent X then went on to talk more about the product and how “they should” be online so they can get more leads.  This took away a great call from being amazing.  Having a conversation about their business, allows us to understand them on a friendlier level, which is when most people buy.  We buy from people we trust.

Because the agent didn’t face the objection, once the agent finished his value laden statement, the client simply asked for the price and then stated again that he didn’t need new business.  But, if we would have handled it like above, we would have an opportunity coming from as issue.  When clients bring up objections, you can use them to build a case that helps your sale.  For example, I am too busy could really mean I am too busy with smaller projects because I am not getting enough bigger projects.  Once you verify that you understand the objection, you then need to rebuttal, and eventually verify you have overcome the objection.  If you can get a client to agree to buying your product after throwing objections at you, then you have the recipe being a top MAC.  If you do not overcome the objection, you are never going to make a sale.  The client will make you waste 30 minutes talking, only to bring you right back to where the conversation happened – “I do not need new business.”  Sadly, this happens far too often.  You need to enact a strategy that uses everything a prospect says to better the chances of the sale.  For example, if the client charges $300 per business they work with, and they have 10 businesses they bill that to weekly; this company is generating $12,000 per month.  You need to use this information to present a solution to them that makes sense.  “Would you be willing to try and reach $24,000 per month?”  Dig for the golden insight!  With that information you can build bridges to conversions with ease.  Get the knowledge from them so you can create a tailored solution that the client needs.

We must move conversations with intention and calculation.  We have to guide the prospect carefully by understanding what situation they are in.  You will find time and time again that there are things we have to commit to in sales.  We have to commit to a routine.  That routine in sales is off and on the phone.  It is always with us, and it will always force you to be your best.  We have to ask great questions to make sure the prospect sees we care.  We then can take that insight into their business, and detail solutions, instead of hoping they buy for the sake of it.  I am 100% confident in your ability to adapt to this method.  The rule here is to always be engaging with the client, and learning about their business.  If you do not engage, you will face objections every time.  If you foresee the potential objections based on the conversation, you have the chance to solve it before it is ever brought up.  Go through the strategic way so that you can build great solutions, and increase your sales at the same time.

A Video from Brian Tracey on Handling Objections.  I rely on his Self-Concept Lessons Everyday.


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