Toronto Golf Tournament

The 2015 Toronto Open Championship

The 2015 Toronto Open Championship



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2015 Toronto Open Championship

It is time to start thinking about golf again!  For our group of friends, this means thinking of our annual golf tournament.  We are going to switch it up this year, hosting the tournament on Saturday, June 20th.

Our goal is to get over 60 people this year!  Register today!!

The tournament will be called the Toronto Open Championship from now on.

For 2015, registration will cost $125.

Let’s look back on 2014’s memories.  We are thankful to have our American friends join us from time to time.  Last year, the man with dual citizenship, Shane Kennedy, came all the way up from California.  Not only did he join us, but he also brought his beautiful wife, Sheila, who at the time was expecting their first baby.  It was great that they came up, and we hope that they can find their way up again.  We went out for a few drinks the night before the tournament, and although we lost some people to Tinder, it was still a blast.  Shane, you need to come back up here for 2015’s Open!  Shane’s willingness to contribute, and his generosity has always added a notch to the tournament.  I remember when we played at the Richmond Hill Golf Club in 2009, he essentially bought out the bar for everyone to enjoy.  He is usually the first person to message me about the tournament, and always the main contributor in donating prizes and energy.

Year after year, the tournament has been supported by Uncle Benson, a mainstay who is focused on winning, and contributing to the atmosphere.  It was great to have you on my team in 2014 Bens!  Let’s try to go for 2 in a row in 2015!!

Toronto Golf Tournament
2014 Whelpton Golf Cup Classic

The winning foursome included Christian Beckerman, Richard Atkinson, John Lilly, and Benson Lilly.  A desire to focus and hit great approach shots is the reason we won!  Even if “The Nut” Tom S. drove by to interfere with our game plan, we still got right back to work, and removed the thought of his antics from our routine.  From team serious to team joke!  It was awesome that Tommy brings the fun, but we look forward to beating him again in 2015!

We can’t neglect two main contributors to the antics of our day as well, Neil Gardiner, Lee Harris and Brent Loudon have joined the tournament yet again, in the hopes of bringing everyone a laugh.  Their carts remained upright, and their stereo somehow stayed at home.  I have some great memories of Neil on golf carts and topless for some of these events.  He was never a part of team serious.  The 2015 Toronto Open Championship is excited to see you three!!

Toronto Golf Tournament
Lee Harris, Neil Gardiner and Brent Loudon getting their game on!

It is true, the photo below is not from the tournament, but it is from a near time, and it always puts a smile on my face.  Although he needs no introduction, just in case, you need to meet, Anthony Francescut, The Captain.  His support for this tournament has been from day one, and his passion to have fun, while always being there, is like no other.  I am not sure how many times he has won this tournament, but he always wins the day regardless.

Always Winning
The Captain

Thanks to Max Sawka, the WGCC has had winners jackets.  They stay in closets, and sometimes make an appearance as all four, or other times, we don’t see them at all.  One thing is for sure, it was good to see them dusted off last year so we could run a full winner’s gala at Jordan’s house.  Tom was clearly not on the winning team with his swimming pool suit on!  He also got a little nutty before the end of the night!

A member of the last winning team for the WGCC
Richard does not condone smoking! Smoking sucks.

We can dig even deeper into the crates of WGCC memories.

Ryan Hoawrd, a welcome addition to any tournament!  He knows how to sip from the championship mug!  Here we are celebrating at 2 Regal Rd.  Support that neck big man!

A group of golf veterans
A keg party will always add to a golf tournament


Let’s take a gander at 2007!  It was a year where he had a crazy bus ride, a forgiving bus driver, and a video camera.  Yes, the video that everyone remembers is still on Youtube, and has 284 views to date.

Jubal sourced a couple of goodies for us today.  Who could ever forget the bus ride drop off at Union Station!?  We were visited by Marshmellow man and our good friend Leam Henley.  This was the most glorious bus ride the tournament has ever had.  After a few “send him” sessions, a couple of beers on the course, and a few carts left in disarray, undoubtedly, this tournament season was the most epic to happen yet.

Golf is nothing without cream
The full coating for Gully!


Here is an oldie for you!  A well known photo from the steps of Ardrossan Place.  Some of the boys look much better nowadays!  When was the last time you saw a time stamp in a photo?  To name a few, I see Reggie, Reid, Sean, Mike, Steve, Brent, Dan, Johnny, Sam, Shane, and after that, I have no clue.  There is a random attempting to climb onto the roof.  One thing is for sure, 2 people are in that pick that we have never seen again.  Can you guess who they are?


Sharing the beer
2007 wasn’t that long ago, but it will feel like it when you think hack to the two randoms from this tourney.


Here are some quality quotes from Facebook regarding the tourney since 2007.  It has been a while for some of these gentlemen.  Time to shine your golf shoes up and bring out your witty comments!

Screenshot_011 Screenshot_010 Screenshot_009 Screenshot_008 Screenshot_007 Screenshot_006


I hope that you want to join us this year as we reshape the WGCC into something that accommodates everyone.  We know the summer can be a tough time to devote away from other activities.  We have pulled the tournament date up, and will surely get you more involved in the planning.

Be sure to buy your ticket through our online payment processing!  Yes, for the first time, we are processing payments online!!!

Let’s build this tournament to be one of the best things you did in 2015!!!


Thank you for your devotion,


John Lilly

Tournament Co-Founder


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