Sales Recruitment

Sales Recruitment is in our Blood

Stream Serve Inc. has been a part of or built sales teams that have smashed sales records within massive companies. Our famous Yellow Pages Media Inc. Story is a classic! Who knew that Yellow Pages did not have an outbound calling sales machine? Well, they didn’t until 2013, which is when I became a member of the team that was hired to build this team of champions! It was all about the skills of the reps on the floor, but I am thankful to be able to say that I was a part of it. That team won team of the year in 2014 as well!

We know what it takes to build. That is what we love to do. We build excitement for people to join, then foster their growth to become champions.

What is included in our process?

  1. Sourcing resumes: Create the pool to meet with
  2. Call everyone for a ten minute greeting
  3. Create the second pool of candidates
  4. Start meeting with everyone

100% Performance Guarantee

Here is the best part: Your organization does not pay a dime if they do not stay for 3 months. If they do stay for 3 months, we have 3 plans to choose from