Sales process

The Sales Process is Everything

The Sales Process is Everything

Something I have always loved about sales is its attachment to processes. The more your streamline those processes, the more profitable you can become. There is nothing more uplifting than seeing a new system in place that eradicates the “old ways.” I have now been a part of 3 Salesforce transformations. It takes a strong Managing Director to ensure that things are done right. You must continually evaluate new systems, then let them earn their rightful place within your processes.

I am now at a stage where I can deploy systems myself. That would not have been possible without companies like the Yellow Pages Group taking the leap to update their systems and getting our teams involved. It is incredible to see the difference between a system in place and several systems trying to manage independently. I am certain that we would have signed on two clients within the last two months if we had not invested in Salesforce. We can now build out our processes with the system! Don’t settle for anything less than Salesforce. Value sees beyond costs. Here are a list of other platforms we currently use to propel us forward:

Hubspot Sales: It is nice to see if someone opens a sent email
Constant Contact: We have only run one test campaign, but will be sending out more once we master how to get subscriptions. Maybe you have some insights into the approach for generating subscriptions as a storytelling agency.
Salesforce: Savior! As mentioned.
Google GSuite: The only way to streamline documents and files for easy creation and retrieval
Vonage Business: Call recordings and reporting on total calls and talk time. Best of all, there is no contract!
What platforms help drive sales results for you? Perhaps you use marketing automation tools like Pardot. Feel free to comment on how important it is to your business (Lesson # 2 – Invest in systems to ensure your team makes every follow-up happen).

John Lilly is sales and marketing professional, with deep experience in building sales teams while co-ordinating the marketing effort. You can catch up with him on his new project,, where he and a team of creatives are seeking clients that need agility and a partnership.

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