Sales Performance Insights

Sales Performance Insights

All of our businesses need one thing, no matter what – More Sales! It’s like getting better in golf. You never actually win the game, you can only control it as best as possible. Perfect form brings measured success, and unlimited growth. Sales improvements are what we aim for, what we seek to crush, and sometimes what we need to recover. I have met some great forecasters, and some awful ones. Recently, I came across a sales forecaster at a moving company, who was completely inept at everything he tried to target. He only surpassed his target once in the whole year! Is that something that a CEO or President wants to see? I don’t think so. What can you do to ensure you hit your sales target? More importantly, what can you do to find harmony between challenge and achievement?

Take your time hiring the right team

No matter what your day-to-day activity is, you need to ensure that you have a method for hiring the best talent out there. If you do not have a method for attaining this, you are wasting your time on activities that should not be a part of your job as a leader. For example, a team that is not performing is doing so due to one thing; the manager is not a right fit. You should not have to coach this manager day in and day out. Their job should be a reaction to waking up, not a constant work in progress. You are who you hire. If you are struggling with your team, the time has come to seek outside help so you can see the benefit of great management practices. Once you have the right person in place, it will be clear that management and encouragement are the same thing. Find someone that waves pom poms at all times.


If you are more of a numbers person, we understand that you desire goals and that is ok. This is 50% of the equation for business success, but you are not lost if numbers are your thing. You can easily sprinkle motivation into your numerical successes by calling the right sales influencer. John Lilly has been influencing sales’ since 2007, smashing records, and building teams along the way. He knows what it takes to encourage sales teams to perform. He recommends giving your sales people the empowerment of leading themselves. If teammates feel aligned with the leadership strategy, and are in many ways creating it, they will stay with your company forever.

Realistic goals

Often, sales leaders set unrealistic goals, which leads to stress, and could potentially push a company to fold. You are better off motivating yourself by exceeding goals early on. Once you have achieved attainable goals, you can then venture to stretch goals that can be attained with realistic motivations. I suggest setting up two sales goals, both of which can be achieved, but the further out goal is something that required out of the box thinking in the hopes of achieving it. It is commonly referred to as a stretch goal. Have one. If your common goal is $30 million, push for $35 million. If that goal is achieved, the team gets a higher percentage of income compared to the other goal of $30 million.

Convey the value of your product or service

At the drop of a dime, you must be able to convey the top 10 reasons for people to buy your product or service. Right now, in your mind, think of 10 reasons, write them down, then create the story around them. What separates you from the competition. Why would someone need to use your product or service first?

If you can engage every client with a unique story they have never heard before, you will surely win the battle to their heart. Be selected because of your great story. Don’t just mention the same stats that everyone focuses on. How is it that your company came into existence? How can the client feel a part of something great?


John Lilly is a sales and marketing professional, with deep experience in building sales teams while co-ordinating the marketing effort. You can catch up with him on his new project,, where he and a team of creatives are seeking clients that need agility and a partnership.

He is also a Partner with Stream Serve Inc., which is a company focused on helping businesses achieve more sales through sales centre services and marketing consulting. You can see more at

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