Sales Knowledge

Sales Knowledge


Using Sales and Marketing Techniques to Create Business


People need to know your business and you need to know how to get your name out there.  Jump into the shark tank and make a splash!  There is no way you will win over clients without a solid digital strategy.  Dive in head first with Digital Media Boom.  Our Sales and Marketing events give you the techniques to close sales by focusing on lead funnels, sales conversions, and digital dominance.

Our lead generation is focused on reciprocity with the goal of creating a paid client.  Prospects purchase with emotion.  It is imperative that you create the ‘golden offering’ for your prospects so that they appreciate you and then share your name.  It is critical to standout by being aligned with the emotions of a prospect.


3 Pillars to Prospects Emotion:

  1. Make me feel good before I choose your services
  2. Give me the comfort of knowing you will overachieve with results
  3. Know exactly where I stand and why your product and/or service is for me


If you do not have a sound lead strategy, your understanding of prospect psychology is useless.  This is why you must also follow 3 critical points to generating leads.


3 Pillars of Lead Generation:

  1. Never just rely on paying one company for leads
  2. You must create your image to coincide with prospect research
  3. You must be discovered across all channels


If you are generating inbound leads, and treating each opportunity like gold, only then do you have a chance for growth. Being ahead of your competition is critical, but you also need to be unique from them as well.  The qualities of a business are the loyalty of their customers.  The greatness of digital is that it allows you to create the face of your business, so that it consistently delivers results from anyone that happens to view your brand online.  You need to make a lasting impression by rooting out your inner strengths, and displaying them everywhere.


SPIN Selling


We need to engage with clients on a level that is unforgettable.  People will forget what you say, and what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  We need to take this, and tie into the emotion of the client.  SPIN selling is exactly that.

You must ask the right questions, and stir up the emotion so that a client feels the need to change their actions through your product or service.  First, we have Situation questions (S), where we are lightly brushing the surface of what issues the client might be facing.  An example, “Are you struggling to keep up with the digital era of marketing?”  Simply, the client would answer “Yes” and you can use this to start building your case for a solution.

Next, we look at the Problem questions (P), such as, “What costs have you incurred because of your inability to keep up with the digital marketing changes?”  The goal her is to uproot the problems and specify that they are in fact problems.  We must get the client to agree at this stage.

The 3rd aspect is the Implication questions (I).  These are tricky, but the goal is tie the problem to a specific outcome.  An example would be, “If you don’t make the necessary changes to become digital, what may happen to your business in 5 years?”

The Needs-Payoff questions summarize the previous, and get the client to buy-in.  The example is “Do you feel that having an all-in one marketing service that is digitally focused, will allow you to avoid possibly closing your business in 5 years?”

These questions cannot be easily asked.  You have to work toward them, building rapport by showing you care.  The responses to your questions are only as good as your caring for asking them.  Nobody likes a checklist of questions coming to them.  You have to warm up with conversation and ensure that you have bought your way toward these types of questions.  To qualify if the client is ready for this, you can use active listening.  I usually look to 3 points within active listening to understand if the client is truly interested:

  • Responsiveness to Engagement: Are they giving you immediate feedback that is more than one sentence?
  • Connectivity: Did you make them laugh?  Did you make a strong impact statement that they are compelled by?
  • Confirmed the Value: Have they implicitly said they would like to work with you to learn more?

All too often, sales reps are trying to push for discussion, when they should really focus on less being more, and the buy-in from the client being the means for a sale.  The SPIN selling model is critical for anyone to sell high value solutions, and to connect a client with the product emotionally.  This product is not just a potential need, it becomes a dire need to help alleviate an issue that will otherwise not be solved.

Join us for a digital marketing session as soon as possible, as we bring marketing and sales together, in an easy format for you to takeaway knowledge that will impact your business immediately.

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