Marketing Tips

Create the Voice for your Business


Who is going to speak for your business while you are dealing with other clients?  What can you do to grow your business while your time is 100% focused on the current situation and not growth?  The extension to your business must be omnipresent and exciting.  You may think you are everything to your business.  The reality is your success relies on your decisions, with many other people in control of that success.

The extensions to your business will win you more business than you could ever receive through word-of-mouth.  As long as you are creative, you will be busier than ever.  You must combine creativity with presence.  By making sound investment decisions you create the emotion you need to be the only choice for them.

This different approach will allow you to stand above, and be the chosen business for anyone that needs your help.  If you feel your product or service is a necessity for your clients, you must feel the need for more of them to have your help.  Express the emotion, become a voice, and you will win over and over again.


Be Everything your Competitor is Not


Differentiation will drive conversions to your business.  You must offer something different, exciting, and it must be laced with value.  People remember 95% of the visuals they saw, but commonly forget what was said.  To overcome this, you only need to blast intriguing differences across the market spectrum, enticing potential clients with your varied message.  How bored of “Free Consultation” are you?  Did you say “Very”?  Me too!  Perhaps we should focus on giving the prospect free results instead.  A consultation is the start to a sale.  Instead we should find the way to their heart.  There must be a line drawn, but statements like: “I will offer you 30 days of my service for free to help you generate results first” is more of a value explosion waiting to be discovered.  I do not know any company that offers that service, and it just might be the push a company needs to stand above the rest.


Find the Right Talent to Help


You cannot do this alone.  You need to find partners.  How companies partner with Google’s database to show map information on their sites, we also need to partner with companies of power and ability to boost our performance.  A strategy is best created by listening and executing with those insights.  Take the insight you need to improve your business, and act on it, ensuring that you hire the right people to get the job done.


Embrace Change


A company cannot fear systems.  Your success cannot be held back because you are unwilling to use the tools available.  Simply, if you do not use social media, you are harming your business.  This stems from the demands of Google’s algorithm, but also from the need to connect with individuals on a different basis.  The problem is, business owners set these social platforms up and then leave them.  Would you enter a store that had dusty shelves, and looked like someone had not kept it up to date for years?  No.  So, you must accept that social media is critical and you must live and breathe within it.  You may even be unwilling to pay for certain forms of advertising because of uncertainty.  You must take away the uncertainty and purchase all forms of advertising.  If you do not experiment to the fullest, you will lose out.