Facebook Live with Reson8

Facebook Live with Reson8

Our agency, Reson8 is starting its latest marketing approach. We are hosting our own Facebook Live show, called “Utterly Speechless” and we can’t wait to get the ball rolling.

Our aim is let you enjoy 30 minutes of zany interviews, skits, and discussion. You should be able to walk away with practical advice for communicating, marketing and leadership. Let us get away from the generalizations, for each of these categories; instead, just join us to see how  we will bring originality into the mix.

Facebook Live show

A little bit about the hosts – Bobby Umar is one of the most prolific leaders in the world. So consistent, very smart, and always willing to look at the brighter side of anything. He would insist that you lead with empathy as a manager. That heart of his is pure gold. Take that into consideration when watching; you will surely see why he has so many connections all over the world.

I too will also be a part of the show. My name is John Lilly, a relative nobody, but with a lot of ambition for building intriguing content that millions will enjoy. This show is strictly for that.

Two of our main segments in the show are solely for entertainment purposes. What do you think the segment “LinkedIn Lovin'” would be about? You almost don’t need to wait for the answer. This is a skit where we actually call random LinkedIn people that post their phone number and offer advice on how they could make changes to improve their LinkedIn image. I think the spontaneity involved with this skit will pave the way for hilarious moments. I have some experience with live television online, and phone calls always led to a great time.

One of the other skits we are including is “Ballsy Callsy” where we either take calls from experts on different topics, or we make the calls ourselves to get people involved. The uncertainly about what someone will say next is golden. If things go well for these skits, we may just need to go over our 30 minutes scheduled. Sometimes we need to transition from phone calls to reality, and seriousness.

Sadly, that won’t happen here. We will always tend to the side of comedy over seriousness. You will find a professional tone within everything, especially when we are asking Bobby important questions. To carry on the theme of LinkedIn, I will be asking Bobby on launch day about the need for LinkedIn to propel sad and sexy content. Do we really need this on any social platform? My social refuge does not require sexy pics and sad stories. Let’s hear what Bobby Umar has to say about the topic.

We do have Facebook Live sponsorships available for anyone interested. Our first two sponsors are Mellah Toronto and Beer Lovers’ Tour Company. Together, we will take on the digital world, ensuring that you are informed about all of the potential for you to thrive within communications, marketing and leadership.

John Lilly is a sales and marketing professional, with deep experience in building sales teams while co-ordinating the marketing effort. You can catch up with him on his new project, www.reson8agency.com, where he and a team of creatives are seeking clients that need agility and a partnership.

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