Don’t tell me Telemarketing is Dead.


Hey, you from the sales or marketing department, celebrating the increase in followers to the company’s fan page and the increase in likes received in each platform: what do you think about leaving those vanity metrics aside and talking about sales?

No, I’m not reckless enough to ignore the power of social media and the leverage it holds to keep leads engaged and interacting with your brand. Yes, I know that the way your company positions itself in social networks (and outside it too) makes the difference at the time of the customer deciding whether or not to hire your services.

But the fact is that many companies have gathered numerous contacts around their social media, but they do not always succeed in converting them into leads. If there are no leads, how will there be sales?

The company needs to avoid the plague of socially existing merely for brand fortification. We need to create goals for social media that add value to your sales funnel. We need sales. After all, this is what keeps the business running. Therefore, more than ever, marketing and sales need to work together. However, how to do this?

Many people think that innovation is only about creating something really new. But no, innovation can be in the improvement of a service and even a process. In this case, here is what I consider one of the great ingredients for your sales department to achieve goals: active TELEMARKETING.

I am one hundred percent confident when I say: if the telemarketing goes hand-in-hand with marketing actions, your company’s client acquisitions will increase. Most of the companies have adopted the strategy of inbound marketing in which they nourish the customer with several types of content (content marketing). However, there comes a time when this visitor (until then unrelated to your company) is ready and interested and could potentially be closed on a deal right then and there. This is what we call a qualified lead. Sadly, many companies put a junior associate on the phone to reach out to fresh leads, should they even have telemarketing playing a role. If anything, this first point of contact needs to be a pro, converting leads on the the first call. Instead of just handing out trial versions or trying to book appointments for senior associates, have someone on the phone immediately that taes pride in getting the credit card right away. We need your most skilled sales people on the phones ASAP.

Usually, the telemarketing team receives a lead and contacts it to try to schedule a visit or phone meeting. But, this channel is currently reinventing itself. The one script model of booking appointments only has given way to a more advisory telemarketing approach. The call centre teams have in their hands all of the behaviour of each lead. So, the sales associate is able to decide the best approach, i.e. which argument will help convince the lead to purchase. They even have the Twitter feeds of leads showing within their CRM! Commonality closes deals. Let’s get back to focusing on sales, instead of handing off leads to more senior sales people. You only get one chance to make a convincing impression, especially when someone is paying for your product or service.

There is another unified process for telemarketing and content marketing. As content is churned out across social platforms, the telephone sales team must actively pursue the phone numbers for people that follow the respective pages and read the emails. This can be done through a wide variety of methods today. Consolidate the data within a system, then start following up over the phone. This is the best way to bring more potential to creating leads, then closing them. Be active, and always on point. In my mind, there are way too many email blasts and not enough telephone greetings. Ask for the leads phone number and start building that relationship through voice.

We must keep our eyes focused on followers, likes and shares, with a keen interest in turning them into revenue. Perhaps a new metric, revenue per like is something to consider! We can’t just wait for the prospect to look for our contact page. We need the telemarketing plan to be integrated into the marketing processes. Working to dig up opportunities, taking our sellers to the companies with a hands-on approach. What happens next? You get to enjoy increased acquisitions because you took the time to foster the relationship on the phone and through email.

John Lilly

John Lilly is a sales and marketing professional, with entrenched experience in building sales teams while co-ordinating the marketing effort. You can catch up with him on his new project,, where he and a team of creatives are seeking clients that need agility and a true partnership for their video production needs. His latest passion project is “Utterly Speechless” on Facebook Live. It is a show dedicated to leadership, marketing, communication, and laughter. You can join us every Friday at 3 PM at


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