Artificial Intelligence Development

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

We offer 3 types of AI development

  • Chatbot development
  • Customized Neuro-Linguistic Programming bots
  • Customized software, with AI elements built in

7 Focuses of Artificial Intelligence

AI is the machine that solves problems that are usually done by humans. That is what the original focus of AI was. Here are 7 skills that AI is trying to produce in machines. All of which are already happening.

  1. Simulate higher functions of the human brain
  2. Program a computer to use general language
  3. Create hypothetical neurons that can form concepts
  4. Measure and determine problem complexity
  5. Self Improvement
  6. Abstracting so that we deal with the ideas rather than the events
  7. Randomness and creativity

Strong and Weak Artificial Intelligence

There are two types of AI, strong AI and weak AI. Our primary focus for your business in weak AI, where we can create millions of computations to help you solve some of your most complex problems, ensuring that you are generating maximum revenues for your company. Here are the differences between strong and weak AI.

Strong AI – Simulates the human brain. If we can tap into reasoning, thought, learning and emotion, we are connecting with AI on a deeper level, bringing our project to life.

Weak AI – A system that behaves like a human, but doesn’t give us insight in the human brain. You can think of this as IBM’s Watson, or a computer that simulates millions of chess moves before it pushes a piece forward.

What a wonderful world, where we can design machines that will help benefit our world. The need for help is there. There are so many problems that we have not been able to solve, but a learning machine could help us overcome them.

Here are some issues that AI might be able to help us with:

Disease – What if we had a machine that could create the cure? A machine that learns on its own, is much more powerful than a team of humans

Traffic – What if we had a predictive machine that set schedules accordingly, so that we never had traffic?

Environment – What if a machine could create the path for us to remove our need for fossil fuels? The dependence we have could be removed completely if we had solar machines performing the tasks that currently require fuel.

Learn More About Artificial Intelligence

For now, Stream Serve Inc. is focused on how the business can use AI to better itself. Let’s start with more simplified issues within weak AI characteristics, then progress to strong AI. The doors are now open for our team to be able to bring you AI results.  Please contact us today to see our AI work experience, and to start a discussion on how it could help your business.

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